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Know how your mom's doing today?

Constance does. 


Constance is a subscription check-in and reporting service for families of seniors who live independently.

Constance calls your loved one every day and uses a mobile app to update you on their mood, meals, medications, appointments, and more. We get to know your loved one so we can provide you with the peace of mind that you have an accurate understanding of their day-to-day status and well-being. As we identify needs, we can assist with things like coordinating rides, scheduling appointments, or handling any other administrative tasks that come up.

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"I have a 3 hour time difference and a very busy work schedule. The check-in gives me peace of mind."

- Charles

"This is a great little vignette into my grandmother's life. Just enough information to get an idea of her daily status and bigger patterns. I like the way it was broken into medications, meals, and other items.”

- Ann

"I like the service and I think it makes my parents feel at ease.”

- Patricia