Constance Examines How Its Non-medical Check-in Call Service Could Lower Rehab Patient Re-admissions and Reduce Healthcare Providers’ Staffing Time

We wondered if Constance could be a game changer for the lives of older patients after they were discharged from a nursing home rehabilitation center. The results are compelling for both the older adults recuperating at home and for the healthcare teams who support them post discharge.

 The Challenge of Improving Post-discharge Patient Results and Rehab Facility Care Staff’s Use of Time

A short-term skilled nursing facility needed a cost-effective solution to lower readmission
risks without burdening overstretched staff.

The Solution Includes Regular, Personalized Phone Calls for Senior Patient’s Meaningful Social Support and Trending, Real-time Reports for Providers’ Response

Constance complemented existing clinical systems with social support for discharged
patients that reduced readmissions by more than one-third. Features of the program

  • Personalized and engaging regular phone and video calls
  • Personal assistance to facilitate scheduling, transportation, and other needs
  • Early detection of issues before they became urgent
  • Digital reports available via online dashboard for staff and mobile app for family
  • Weekly review of each case file to update status

Download the full case study and learn about how rehabilitation providers can improve post-discharge care plan compliance, patient safety and wellness, while reducing staff time and costs.

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