Constance’s Pilot Demonstrates Routine Non-medical Connections with Patients Reduce Readmission Risk

Seeking to improve discharge outcomes for older rehabilitation center patients while saving healthcare providers time and money, Constance (Lancaster, PA) recently completed a 40-person pilot with Brethren Village (Lititz, PA) to validate the effectiveness of their non-medical after-discharge routine call service. Constance provides services with a human touch to people recently released from hospitals and rehabilitation centers or to those aging-in-place in their homes.

Trends identified in data collected from regular check-in calls to seniors provide actionable information via a cloud-hosted dashboard for healthcare administrators.

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Constance Dashboard for Providers to Access Patient Data and Trends

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The pilot sought to demonstrate that patients would experience more positive post-discharge health and satisfaction and that healthcare administrators could save staff time while lowering re-hospitalization rates and cost of readmissions. Patients released from the Rehabilitation Center at Brethren Village, a life-plan community that offers flexible retirement living options in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, participated in the pilot. The successful program demonstrates the critical importance of non-medical support in lowering the risk of hospital readmissions.

Human-centered Interaction with Constance routine Reports Can Lower Readmission Rates

Older adults recover at home faster with an approach of routine personal phone calls to avert social isolation blended with robust data tracking for healthcare providers’ responses.

The Constance - Brethren Village pilot included a total of 40 patients who received routine phone calls from Constance’s vetted caller care team (Family Coordinators) after being discharged from The Rehabilitation Center at Brethren Village to their homes. Managed through Constance’s cloud-based platform, Constance’s care coordinators called and reported on each patient’s mood, meals, and medications and provided personal assistance, such as scheduling home-health visits or troubleshooting medication delivery. The Constance platform generated routine reports about discharged patients, providing visual indicators, SMS texts, and email, and app updates for family caregivers and a monitoring dashboard for clinical staff.

Constance uses a holistic, person-centered approach that puts human touch at the center of a high-tech platform. “With an 83 percent average routine phone pickup rate, this pilot clearly demonstrated that Constance achieves much higher engagement than most post-discharge calling services,” said Constance CEO W. Henry Yaeger. Yaeger continued, “We get to know our members and they develop trust with our call team. This enables Constance to help seniors adhere to care plans and identify any emerging issues that could negatively impact recovery.”

A Machine Learning Solution That Increases Human Touch Points

According to the National Academy of Medicine, up to 80 percent of healthcare outcomes are determined by non-medical factors, including social support systems that counter social isolation and loneliness. COVID-19 has highlighted the need to minimize in-person touchpoints to reduce the risk of contagion, especially for older people. Constance provides essential human contact during physical social distancing, better monitoring of care plan adherence, and early detection of issues before they become urgent. Constance’s comprehensive support system addresses non-medical factors that otherwise might be missed, while ensuring that the data collected alerts the clinical team any time there is a need.

While Constance delivers their technology-enabled remote monitoring service to provide oversight and socialization, it decreases the workload for nursing and rehabilitation facility staff. According to Rachel Koch, a Social Worker who oversees patient discharge at The Rehabilitation Center, “The Constance team does a marvelous job with managing our residents and keeping me in the loop with what’s going on post discharge.” She continued, “Constance saves me time because I don’t have to worry about making follow-up calls myself. The weekly review with Constance gives me the confidence that we are not missing early-warning signs that our discharged patients are at risk for readmission.”

With proper support, many older adults are able to successfully transition home and maintain their independence even after hospitalization. Constance helps healthcare providers and payers in value-based care models to improve patient outcomes, lower the cost of care, and deliver better patient experiences. The company helps decrease readmissions for Medicare patients by 20 to 40 percent within 30 days of patient discharge, resulting in significant cost savings and return of investment (ROI) of more than 300 percent.

To learn more about how Constance is dramatically decreasing readmission rates while improving quality of life for older adults, email for access to Constance’s latest case study and Post Discharge ROI Calculator.

About Constance

Integrated Platform Services LLC, doing business as Constance, works with managed service organizations and healthcare providers throughout the United States to help seniors live safely in their own homes, while lowering the cost of their care. Constance delivers high-touch services that blend social engagement and passive monitoring to increase socialization, improve care plan adherence, and ensure early detection of issues before they become urgent. Routine calls from Constance’s Family Coordinators improve quality of life for seniors and lowers the high burden of emergent healthcare costs for healthcare providers. The Constance HIPAA-compliant platform includes a mobile app with routine reports for family members and a dashboard that tracks participants’ wellness trends for clinical teams’ response. This actionable data empowers clinicians and healthcare providers who focus on patient-centered, accountable care to detect, monitor, and provide earlier interventions that save both money and lives.

Read the Constance Case Study showing how our non-medical check-in call service improved outcomes and reduced readmissions for patients discharged from a rehabilitation facility, saving staff time while reducing administrative post-discharge costs for the provider.

To learn more, visit or connect via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Seniors Aging-in-Place Solutions Development Group.

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Brethren Village Retirement Community is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) that provides care for residents 62 years of age and older. As a nonprofit corporation, the Village provides care, services and amenities in three areas of living, including independent residential living, personal care and skilled nursing. The Village occupies 153 acres of land in Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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