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The Constance Check-In Service can start immediately after we've had an introductory call with your family and your aging loved one. Our intro call and onboarding process is simple...yet collaborative.

We want to fully understand what your goals are for using our service so we can personalize the calls and the process for you and everyone involved in the caregiving effort. We want to address the unique challenges you face in caring for your aging loved one.

After we’ve completed the family onboarding steps, Constance can begin with the Daily Check-In calls.



  • Your loved one gets a Check-In call at the same time every day Monday-Friday.
  • The Constance Family Coordinator will start a unique conversation with your loved one each day. Constance is not scripted, so the calls will reflect the true mood of your loved one. 
  • Constance is an extension of your family and asks questions about activities that happened since the last call, what your loved one has scheduled for the day, if they’ve taken their medications, what meals they’ve enjoyed, and any other topics that come up during the conversation.
  • Constance will complete a Check-In call report online, and you'll get a notification as soon as the report is available.  
  • Clear, concise, and consistent reporting that makes it easy to identify any significant changes that arise from day to day
  • Immediate insight into your loved one's day
  • Detailed notes from the check-in call, including anything that you may need to follow up on
  • Peace of mind - Constance cares about your loved one and will make sure you are aware of any medical or well-being issues that might arise

You'll love how quickly Constance creates a connection with your loved one and how easily this process will align with your lifestyle. This is what makes Constance so unique - it offers support to your loved one AND to you. 

Constance is about care, connection, and certainty.