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Getting Started

  • Constance Check-In Service starts with an introductory call with your family and your aging loved one.
  • The simple onboarding process clarifies your goals for Constance and helps us personalize our service for you and everyone involved.
  • As soon as onboarding is complete, daily Check-In calls can begin.
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What Happens Next
  • Your Coordinator calls your loved one at the same time each day.
  • They have real conversation. Calls are structured, but not scripted — so they reflect the true mood of your loved one.
  • Constance asks about activities since the last call, meals and medications, and plans for the day … plus, any other topics that come up.
  • Constance completes a Check-In Call update online and notifies you as soon as it’s available.
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What You Receive

  • Ongoing insight into your loved one’s day-to-day well-being.
  • Clear, concise, consistent reporting that makes it easy to identify any significant changes.
  • Detailed notes from each check-in call.
  • Peace of mind. Constance will notify you of any medical or well-being issues that arise.
  • Connection. You’ll appreciate how quickly Constance connects with your loved one and aligns with your lifestyle.

Constance is about care, connection and certainty –
supporting your loved one and you.