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Resources for family caregivers and older adults

Resources in Your Area

Local Resources and Solutions (AARP) - find family caregiving resources available in your area

Local Organizations (n4a) - find organizations that provide information and assistance for older adults and caregivers in your area

Caring for the Caregiver

Effects of Caregiving (Genworth) - learn more about the impacts of caregiving on family caregivers

Caregiver Support (Family Caregiver Alliance) - learn about handling family issues, caregiver stress, and more

Caregiver Stress Test (Alzheimer's Association) - take the caregiver stress test and understand how caregiving is impacting you

Family Caregiver Policy Landscape (National Alliance for Caregiving) - understand legislation and initiatives supporting caregivers

Alzheimer's and Dementia - find more information about Alzheimer's care, support, and research

Cost of Care

Cost of Care Calculator (Genworth) - calculate the cost of care in your area

Financial Steps for Caregivers (Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement) - understand financial decisions you may face as a caregiver

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services - find information about Medicare and Medicaid 

Official US Government Site for Medicare - find information about Medicare enrollment, benefits, and more