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Constance is a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant platform that saves health systems money and staff time while measurably improving patient outcomes.

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Easy-to-use platform that increases patient engagement - no installation required.

The Constance platform helps clinical staff rapidly respond to older patients’ ongoing and emergent care needs.

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Watch our video –>> 

Learn how easy it is for healthcare providers like you to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes with Constance’s patient-centered platform.

Constance Helps Healthcare Systems Save Money While Improving Value-based Care Outcomes

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Our Constance Family Coordinators reduce social isolation and loneliness by connecting with your patients through personalized, virtual human interactions during COVID-19. As issues arise, we help your staff triage and implement interventions.


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Existing patient engagement solutions fall flat. | 2:20

Clinically based methods are ineffective and costly. Constance uses just the right blend of human connection and technology to create a solution patients engage with — and look forward to — to give you the data you need to understand your patients’ status and wellbeing.

Constance provides 24/7 access to patient updates and alerts for urgent issues. | 10:30

Your organization is unique, and the solutions you use should be, too. The Constance platform is tailored to fit your existing needs and workflows to bring you the patient data you need when you need it. Your team defines the escalation triggers and we alert you when something needs your attention.

Patient outcomes improve with Constance. | 13:09

Regular social engagement from Constance means members improve their care plan adherence and quality of life. When issues pop up, we get them connected to the right resources right away, preventing unnecessary decline and saving time and resources.

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Constance Helps Healthcare Systems Save Money While Improving Value-based Care Outcomes

Although clinically-based approaches to engage patients at home are well-intentioned, they aren’t working. 

They’re too expensive, too transactional, and patients don’t like them … so they don’t engage. 

As a result, patients have an increased risk of social isolation; they don’t keep up with their care plans; they miss scheduled appointments; they put off preventive care; and important medical issues get missed, leading to bigger problems later. 

If you’re working under a managed care model, more than two-thirds of your financial success will be greatly influenced by non-clinical factors. 

Adults over the age of 65 are one of the most costly demographics, constituting 15% of the population, yet accounting for 36% of national healthcare spending. 

This population is prone to social isolation and loneliness, problems that can often be detected and impacted with inexpensive interventions. 

These problems are associated with an increased health risk, costing the healthcare system an average of $1,600 per patient.

High rates of social isolation and loneliness are associated with depression and patients suffering from depression don’t adhere to their care plans. 

As former Surgeon General of the United States Charles Everett Koop said: “Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them.”

For those with the greatest need, the annual added healthcare cost from depression could exceed $10,000. 

The COVID-19 crisis underscores the importance of ongoing prevention and support, as older patients lower their risk of contagion by decreasing in-person touch points. 

Experts agree — vulnerable people should isolate at home.

But to offset the increased risks of loneliness and depression, regular social engagement and active monitoring are more essential now than ever. 

But with a system that depends so much on social support, you can do everything right as a provider, and still end up with poor outcomes and higher cost. 

To be successful under a managed care model, you need to proactively address the non-clinical factors which ultimately impact your performance. 

Existing Patient Engagement Solutions

Managed care providers are increasingly adopting population health initiatives to engage communities and ensure adequate social support systems. 

But with nearly 90% of Americans age 65 and older having at least one chronic condition — and more than half having two or more — the need for ongoing population health risk management is significant.

A 2019 survey of healthcare leaders reveals that 98% — almost all of them — agreed that chronic care management was very important; yet only 53% reported that they were doing it very well. 

Population health initiatives often seek to improve overall wellbeing by addressing Social Determinants of Health. 

But typical approaches such as intensive case management, which are offshoots of clinical practice, are expensive to implement. 

They typically make sense for the most complex and highest risk cases, often constituting no more than 2% to 5% of the patient population. 

Most older patients with rising and fluctuating risk — accounting for perhaps 20% or more the Medicare population — don’t fit this expensive model until they have already fallen out of compliance with their care plan or have developed additional preventable conditions. 

They could benefit from less clinical approaches that are much less expensive. 

Rather than contorting high-cost systems to address non-medical needs, providers would do better to activate support through new programs that focus on overall wellbeing. 

Meet Constance

I’m Henry Yaeger, the CEO and Cofounder of Constance, a technology platform for managed care providers to improve outcomes and lower the cost of care. 

And I’m Morgan Reiss, Cofounder and Director of Operations. 

We started Constance because we know from our own experiences just how important it is to support aging relatives so they can maintain their independence as they age. 

I’m Jane Reitmeyer, senior geriatric social worker and Director of Care Quality. 

From my 25 years of experience advocating for older adults, I know how important it is to have the right social support systems in place to maintain positive outcomes for people as they age. 

Constance blends personal engagement with passive monitoring to improve socialization, increase care plan adherence, and ensure early detection of issues before they become urgent. 

We engage providers only as needed — giving you the assurance that a social support system is in place to mitigate non-clinical risks to health outcomes.

We leverage existing technologies such as wearables and cloud computing in combination with our proprietary software and machine learning models to detect changes in physical and mental status. 

Our approach is different, because we put a human connection at the center of a high-tech platform. Here’s how it works:

Through regularly scheduled phone and video check-ins, we build trust with our members and develop a strong understanding of their health needs. 

We track care plan adherence and support individuals in getting back on track when they may need help. 

Regular reporting of information from check-ins is shared with providers so that they can develop a more holistic understanding of their patients over time and deliver more personalized, effective clinical care. 

In the past few months, we’ve used our HIPAA compliant platform to produce more than 6,000 digital daily reports available to partners through our dashboard. 

We have served our members through partners including a rehabilitation center and a non-medical home care agency. 

In the next few weeks, we will be implementing our program with a major hospital system and with a county-level agency serving high-need seniors living independently. 

We are ready to work with a limited number of innovative managed care providers and invite you to learn more about how we could help improve outcomes and lower the cost of care for your patients. 

The Constance Member Experience

We’re gonna talk a little bit about member experience.

We know better health outcomes start with social engagement, which is at the heart of what we do!

Constance engages older adults on an almost daily basis, providing cognitive stimulation and social engagement.

We do this through our check-in calls.

Our check-in calls are warm, friendly, and somewhat informal, which allows for a relationship to develop over the first few weeks of working together. 

During each check in we ask about, meals, medications, medical appointments, social schedule, all of which helps members stay on track with their care plan.

When we do identify a need or a change, we provide personal assistance (more often called care or resource coordination) to further support care plan adherence and quality of life.

We also do something that we call our daily spark, and that’s always tailored to the member’s individual interests.

We learn about our members’ preferences, their hobbies, their interests - who they are as a person.

So, if we have an avid baseball fan, we’ll give them a baseball fun fact, or if we have a history buff, we’ll give them a “this day in history” fact. 

The daily spark keeps things interesting and fun!

And it makes the phone call a good experience, it’s not just checking boxes off the checklist, we’re relating to our members and talking about things they care about; making them feel important as a person! 

We believe this accounts for our high response rate — nearly 83%. Our members want to talk to us!

Our check-in calls make people feel happier, better supported, and more engaged, while also helping them stay on track with their care plan.

And, we provide peace of mind for the family caregiver and other stakeholders, such as a social worker from a skilled nursing facility or a nurse with a primary care practice. 

First, they receive a digital update, called a check-in report, through our mobile app or online dashboard.

The check-in report reflects how each member is doing that day and if there’s anything that needs their immediate attention.

We’ve perfected our service over thousands of beta-calls with a variety of members and we know our method works.

Our relationships with our members set us apart from any other solution and allow us to uncover minor or developing issues before they become crises.

A Non-Clinical Focus

Provider models aren’t designed to address non-medical factors. 

Clinical staff simply don’t have extra time outside of dealing with emergent issues and acute care concerns. 

Understanding the nuanced psycho-social needs of patients requires frequent contact over long periods of weeks or months. 

As a result, patients’ social support systems can be overlooked, causing non-clinical needs to go unaddressed. 

Without the capacity to proactively identify and address those issues, providers risk their patients’ decline or unchecked disease progression. 

As the healthcare system shifts to value-based care, providers and payers who wish to remain competitive must address Social Determinants of Health — especially social support systems. 

A new wave of research suggests that low-cost, non-clinical patient engagement strategies have the potential to generate positive outcomes and cost savings. 

Constance offers providers and payers a holistic solution to non-medical needs. 

Constance bolsters the social support systems of patients, while capturing critical longitudinal data to support clinical care. 

Our person-centered approach helps you increase patient engagement, ultimately lowering the cost of care and improving the quality of life for older adults. 

A Constance Partner Experience

Here’s how it works:

We make it easy for you to lower your exposure to the non-clinical factors that significantly impact outcomes and cost of care by extending your capabilities and integrating seamlessly into your existing workflows. 

We start by developing a customized playbook based on your organizational goals and priorities.

We define the details and the workflow, and you determine which triggers require an escalation to your team or to another appropriate stakeholder, like an RN, PT, Pharmacist, etc.

With the playbook in place, we get started! 

We connect with your patients, now our members, on a regular basis, and ultimately, we take away the guesswork as to how they are faring at home.  

Their check-in reports are uploaded into your Constance dashboard, which provides your staff with 24/7 access to real-time updates for each member. 

If a member has an immediate need or urgent change in status, we promptly alert your staff based on the escalation triggers we’ve already defined together. 

The dashboard also provides an overview of the entire panel of members we’re working with to help your staff identify, in a triage fashion, higher priority needs.

From our platform, we are able to aggregate tailored trend reports based on the data points that are most relevant to your organizational goals. 

In addition to this “library” of information and data, our social worker connects with your appropriate team member on a regular basis to review members’ status, we call it a stand down call, to discuss everyone’s progress. If interventions are needed, we problem solve together and then we do the legwork!

I know this sounds great in theory, but you’re probably wondering how it actually works — here’s an example based on our collaboration with a skilled nursing facility! 

We support the skilled nursing facility’s staff and their patients during the critical 30-day window post-discharge when the facility is at risk for financial penalty if a patient is rehospitalized.

These patients are often more medically complex and have an increased need for care coordination.

Our proactive, frequent check-ins help members stay on track with their discharge care plan as well as catch any negative changes they may be experiencing. 

For example, one of our skilled nursing facility members had a wound that was getting worse. Working with the member, we contacted the home health RN to advocate for a wound care specialist to get involved, and they did.

For other members, we helped ensure that the all-important PCP appointments were scheduled.

We reduce the risk of readmission because we catch red flags and connect our members to the right medical professionals to rectify their issues and get them back on track.

We have successfully worked with organizations to support patients with rising and fluctuating risk and understand how it works.

Our platform is easy to implement, requires no technology integration, and easily adapts to your existing workflows.

Proven Results

So why is Constance the best solution?

Regular contact with your patients (now our members) helps us build a baseline for each member’s overall health and wellbeing.

Understanding a person’s baseline helps us identify when a change is happening - we act as an early detection system and help plan and implement an appropriate intervention when needed.

We get our members connected to the right resources and providers right away. 

For instance, we help arrange transportation, coordinate meals on wheels or home delivered groceries. And a typical concern in healthcare, we make sure PCP and follow up appointments are scheduled.

The frequency of the calls allows us to prompt or nudge our members to keep them on track with their care plan.

If they forgot their medications, we tell them to go ahead and take them, we’ll wait.

We gather information about why a member may not be following their care plan and help to problem solve around it. 

For example, someone may be having significant pain with PT exercise. We help redirect folks to discuss this with their doctor. 

This is often the case with new medications. A person may have an adverse effect, say nausea or fatigue from a medicine, so they stop taking it (and don’t tell their doctor!). Again, we work together and get things back on the right track.                                             

Our proactive approach allows us to uncover and address issues early helping to prevent decline. Any decline may lead to negative health outcomes such as ER visits, falls, etc.                                                                   

We handle your patient monitoring and non-medical social support and get you involved when you’re really needed, giving you peace of mind and helping mitigate any unnecessary risk.

Our Offer

We’re so sure we can improve your performance, that for a limited time we’re offering you the chance to try Constance risk free

You can implement the service over several stages, allowing you to see incremental results at each step, before you commit further. 

The Constance activation plan begins with an initial proof of concept with a group of 5 to 10 of your patients for two weeks. 

With our help, you’ll identify and invite the patient candidates; and then we’ll onboard them with an evaluative interview and a personalized welcome pack. 

From that point forward, we will call them regularly and report digitally on their habits, needs, and wellbeing. 

As an option, we can include monitoring and reporting of data from select wearable devices. 

Within days, your staff will experience peace of mind — and time savings — from using our online dashboard. 

You’ll have patient information at your fingertips — if and when you want it — and see how well Constance integrates into your existing workflows. 

Once you feel confident in taking another step, we’ll work with you to implement a trial with a larger group of patients. 

This could be a group of 25 or 50 people, for a 3- to 6-month period.

The trial will allow you to improve care plan adherence and begin collecting meaningful longitudinal data. 

For many patients, you may immediately see improvements from decreased utilization and early detection of new issues that could escalate if not addressed. 

And you’ll feel the relief that comes from having someone else managing the non-medical factors that can impact your performance. 

Over time, you’ll see the value in the many small, non-clinical interventions we manage — saving you time and hassle, while improving the quality of life for your patients. 

You’ll also benefit from Constance identifying and tracking red flags — issues that could have resulted in a serious escalation, such as an emergency department episode. 

We’ll alert you as necessary, but you won’t be distracted by issues unless they require your input. 

All this information, as well as trend analysis from daily reports, will be available to inform clinical decisions. 

At any point during the trial, once you are seeing the benefits of Constance, you could choose to extend the time or expand the number of patients. 

Likewise, at any time you will have the option to discontinue working with Constance with no further obligation.

But don’t wait to get started — because we’re only making this limited time offer available to the first five qualified organizations that sign up.

The next step is easy: Schedule a time for a demo of the Constance software with our team — you can do that on the next page. 

Why not give it a try? 

Check-in Call Recordings

It can be hard to imagine how our service works without experiencing it, so we’re going to play a few snippets of real check-in calls with our members so you can experience it yourself!


Our members, their families, and our partners love what we do. But don’t take our word for it — listen to what they have to say.


Your mission is to ensure the best possible outcomes for your patients. 

But you have to be sure that everything you do for patients balances benefits with the costs — or you won’t be in business for long. 

For example, under a typical ACO capitation model, the riskiest 5% of patients consume an average of 90 to 100 thousand dollars per year in healthcare — so investing $10,000 or more per patient in an effective clinically-based support program could pay off. 

Your managed care model may differ, but generally there’s a clear and compelling return on investment from intense care management used with the riskiest patients — and if you have the clinical staff and resources available, you should do that. 

But this clinically-minded approach suffers from diminishing returns. 

This type of high-cost intervention doesn’t make sense for less risky patients — never mind the fact that much of the value comes from scheduling appointments or arranging social services. 

So it makes poor financial sense to further extend clinical systems to reach additional patients. 

Patients with fluctuating and rising risk — those who can perform much better when they stay on their care plans and have ongoing monitoring — need social support. 

They need something your systems are not designed to provide. 

Fortunately, Constance offers a solution that more than pays for itself. 

With Constance, you can improve patient outcomes — and your financial performance — by engaging them and helping them in a way that’s more effective and lower cost. 

And there are huge opportunities to improve performance that will directly hit your bottom line. 

For example, the average Medicare 30-day rate of post-discharge readmissions is 18 to 20 percent — and, for the riskiest quartile of patients, it’s about 25 percent. 

And the average cost of rehospitalization for Medicare patients is about 18 thousand dollars — with complex cases often costing more than double that amount. 

Given these large numbers, everyone working under a value-based care model has a huge incentive to ensure a good transition home. 

Our data show that Constance reduces the average post-discharge hospital readmission rates by at least one-third. 

In some cases, we could cut readmissions in half. 

How much could you save? Could your return on investment be 100 percent? … 300 percent? … or even 500 percent? 

Yes — and it will depend on your existing population, and what you are doing now to address Social Determinants of Health. 

We’ve developed return on investment models that allow you to input your own assumptions — so you can see just how much Constance could improve your financial performance under different scenarios. 

We would be happy to show you so you’ll see that the sooner you start with Constance, the sooner you’ll be able to improve your performance. 

Get Started

If you are serving older adults under a care management model, you have to address your patients’ Social Determinants of Health. 

You risk under-performing if your patients’ social support systems aren’t responsive to their needs.

Without a proactive solution, you could end up with poor outcomes — and a higher cost — even if they receive outstanding clinical care. 

But while care management is often expensive, intrusive, and complex, Constance has a solution that is effective, simple and rooted in human relationships. 

Constance eases the burden of population health risk management, so providers can focus on what they do best. 

We increase social engagement, improve care plan adherence, and ensure early detection of issues before they become urgent. 

Our person-centered, technology-enabled platform allows us to deliver an outstanding experience for the seniors we serve — while providing you with relevant data. 

We are seeking to partner with five qualified organizations who want to improve their performance and the quality of life of their patients. 

The Constance trial program is low risk and easy to start. 

Schedule a time for a demo — we are excited to show you the power of the Constance platform and our easy to use dashboard. 

We’re looking forward to working with you! 

dots - Mobile Platform for Better Value-based Care for Older PatientsHow It Works

Access Data & Details About Your Patients When You Need It

Constance Dashboard

 Prioritize staff time and connect with patients who need immediate attention.


Check-in Reports

Automatically receive real-time, patient-specific wellbeing updates and daily living needs.

Data & Analysis

Understand patients’ changes over time for more informed care decisions.


Receive patient updates and send confidential messages safely and securely.

Continual Human Oversight

Social workers lead weekly reviews of every members’ status.

See the Red Flags

Receive automatic escalation alerts for a list of health and wellness triggers you define.

Connected Care Team

Physicians, therapists, social workers, and families receive the same updates at the same time.

No Software to Install

Get started instantly. No software, hardware, or complex code. Just the alerts you need in a simple digital report.

Reduce your COSTS for value-based care.

  • Effortlessly track patient wellness trends
  • Save staff time
  • Reduce avoidable utilization and lower hospital readmissions
  • Increase patient wellness and satisfaction
  • Identify and address changes in patient status through custom alerts
  • Reduce social isolation and limit exposure to COVID-19 with personalized, virtual human interaction
  • Improve patients’ care-plan compliance and wellness
  • HIPAA-compliant, secure cloud platform without hardware or software installation


dots - Mobile Platform for Better Value-based Care for Older PatientsA Patient-first Platform

“Overwhelmingly, studies find that non-medical factors, including social, behavioral, and environmental determinants of health, consistently play a substantially larger role than medical factors.”

- Lauren Taylor et al, “Leveraging the Social Determinants of Health: What Works?”







Instantly improve patient outcomes & satisfaction
No training.
No installation.
No changes to staff workflow.



The Constance platform helps clinical staff rapidly respond to older patients’ ongoing and emergent care needs.

Try Constance - no risk or commitment!


dots - Mobile Platform for Better Value-based Care for Older PatientsConstance reduces loneliness & isolation.

We create connections that improve socialization, wellness, and quality of life for older adults.

Learn what our members and families
experience when Constance is there.



Caring, Connection, and Certainty

Constance regularly calls members and uses a mobile app and online dashboard to update their families and clinical staff on their mood, meals, medications, needs, appointments, and more. We get to know our members so we can provide an accurate understanding of our members’ day-to-day statuses, as well as changes that are occurring over time. As we identify needs, we can assist with things like coordinating rides, scheduling appointments, or handling any other administrative tasks that come up.

Why Families Love Constance

We understand the demands of supporting a loved one while balancing all other obligations, like raising a family or managing a work schedule. With Constance, families have peace of mind knowing someone they can trust is connecting with their loved ones every day. Our clear and consistent Check-In reports provide insight into each member’s day and overall well-being, so family members and clinical staff know when and how to take action. And, we are always standing by to lighten the load by handling tasks like scheduling appointments, arranging transportation, and planning meals.

Keeping You Informed

The Constance Check-In reports provide a comprehensive and holistic view of our members’ well-being. Our daily updates include information such as overall mood, adherence to medications, food habits, needs, and other observations. With detailed information, including trends over time, families and clinical staff are able to make better care decisions based one data.

We’re connecting what matters…

Social connection is one of the most powerful factors in maintaining a high quality of life, but many older adults suffer from low engagement. Our daily Check-In calls are so stimulating, older adults not only stay engaged, but look forward to our calls and love getting to know our Constance Family Coordinators. Our daily calls also give older adults access to help if they need it, empowering them to continue living independently.

George M., Constance Member

“My two daughters also know what’s going on because they get reports from Constance. They know when I’m feeling well, when I’m not feeling well…and I think that’s a very good thing.”

Suzette M., Family Member

“My sister and I look forward to getting the reports every day. The daily updates have really connected us as we navigate (my mom’s) care from a distance.”

See what our members, families, and healthcare providers say about their experiences with Constance.

“You were a vital part of my recovery.”

“Constance does a marvelous job managing our residents post discharge.”

“It was nice to know someone was checking in to see if I was all right.”

“My mother enjoys your company, and I enjoy the updates.”

“I just appreciate Jen’s company.”

“I don’t know what we’d do without you!”

You want to provide outstanding value-based care to your patients.

We want to help you reduce staff workload and save your health system money!

Save staff time and money tomorrow !

dots - Mobile Platform for Better Value-based Care for Older PatientsWho We Are

henry yaeger co founder 1 - Mobile Platform for Better Value-based Care for Older Patients

Henry Yaeger

Cofounder and CEO

Strategist with a Yale MBA and more than 25 years of experience in roles including corporate strategy at Hershey Foods and finance at Unilever

morgan reiss cofounder 2 - Mobile Platform for Better Value-based Care for Older Patients

Morgan Reiss


Graduate of Elizabethtown College with a B.S. in Marketing, summa cum laude, and experience with Hershey Foods in Category Strategy and Insights

jane reitmeyer director of quality 1 - Mobile Platform for Better Value-based Care for Older Patients

Jane Reitmeyer

Director of Quality

Geriatric specialist with a Master in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania and several startup experiences, including participation in the DreamIt accelerator program

lisa bond product manager 1 - Mobile Platform for Better Value-based Care for Older Patients

Lisa Bond

Product Manager

Startup veteran with more than 20 years of health IT experience spanning electronic medical records, care coordination and value-based medicine products

glenn w mitchell md constance chief tecnical medical officer - Mobile Platform for Better Value-based Care for Older Patients

Dr. Glenn Mitchell

Chief Technology & Medical Officer

A senior physician executive with more than thirty years of diversified experience in medical systems management and care delivery.

His extensive experience in healthcare informatics is helping Co...Read More

dots - Mobile Platform for Better Value-based Care for Older PatientsPartner with Constance

Health Systems Like Yours Can’t Afford to Wait

“Constance does a marvelous job managing our patients post-discharge.”

- Rachel K., Social Worker

Improve your post-discharge return on investment by using Constance to save staff time. Our non-medical, virtual platform reduces your costs because our trained coordinators identify emergent issues and trends early and report them to your team. And, we help take administrative tasks off your plate, so your team spends their time where it’s really needed.

How Can You Benefit from Constance Check-In Services?

Give your staff back their time.

With limited time and resources, your staff has to prioritize emergent, clinical issues while managing ever-changing demands related to COVID-19. As a result, proactive patient engagement and non-clinical issues are more difficult to address than ever.

With Constance, patients benefit from our non-clinical support and socialization. We check-in with your patients, identify issues early, and facilitate the appropriate solution. If it’s a clinical issue, we alert your team to make the care decision so we can implement the intervention.

How does it work?

We work with your team to define your list of escalation triggers and the methods of communication that work best for you.

Once you’ve identified patients for enrollment, we get started! You send us the referrals, and we connect right away so your team can immediately benefit from real-time patient data and alerts.

With Constance, you save time and resources, and your patients benefit from better outcomes and improved quality of life.

Your Next Steps!

  1. Schedule a quick 30-minute demo to experience the platform and answer your questions.
  2. Once you’ve decided Constance is a great fit, we have a working session with your team to customize our solution for you.

That’s it! Your team refers patients, and we get started right away. 

You’ll see improved patient care plan adherence, wellness, and satisfaction with Constance’s regular check-ins.

Why wait to get started?

If your healthcare organization is struggling to save costs as you transition to a value-based care model, let us help.
Constance helps providers quickly provide patient follow-up with no additional software, time, or effort.
Save time, save money. Put patients first! Call today.
 (717) 500-1386