By: Ioannis Pashakis

A Lancaster County startup has developed a check-­in service that aims to help keep seniors independent and their families informed.

The co­founders of Constance set out to create a product to assist seniors with visits to health care providers. The company shifted its focus when the co-founders realized families were more interested in a service that helped with the administrative side of taking care of an older parent.

Constance’s call coordinators make daily one­-on-­one calls to seniors, asking them what they have scheduled for that day both socially and medically, how they are feeling and anything a family may want to know on a daily basis. Constance then creates a report from the call and sends it to family members through an app, which they can then share with the extended family.

Learn more about what the co-founders have to say about the benefits of Constance’s personalized human connections for the health of seniors living at home and the powerful cloud-based monitoring and reporting service for families and healthcare, hospital, ACO, and rehab providers.