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Why Families Love Us


George M., Constance Member

"My two daughters also know what's going on because they get reports from Constance. They know when I'm feeling well, when I'm not feeling well...and I think that's a very good thing."



Suzette M., Family Member

“My sister and I look forward to getting the reports every day. The daily updates have really connected us as we navigate (my mom’s) care from a distance.”


Oneida D., Family Member

"I do think my parents have actually shared a lot more information than I thought they would - more information than they tend to share with us."

Carol D.

Constance Member

"The morning calls get us up and going in the morning, when otherwise we would probably spend more time sleeping in."

Ralph D.

Constance Member

"The experience has been great. We’ve built a relationship. I can get things off my chest.”

Cindy L.

Constance Member

"You certainly help me. Just having someone to talk to...about things you wouldn't really talk to other people about. I look forward to your call every day."


Patricia R., Constance Member

"People, when they are lonely and they have nobody to share - nobody asks them how they are - it's hard. But, if you have somebody who calls you, then you feel that you count."


Kirstin M., Family Member

"The biggest result is the joy and the extra layer of communication now with my family members and my mom."


Susan B., Constance Member

"I didn't expect you to be so warm and friendly. When I'm talking to you it's just very easy."