In this white paper, the Constance team shares the payment models and motivations that drive improvements in quality, cost, and patient outcomes.

All providers transitioning to value-based care share the objectives of improving patient outcomes and lowering healthcare costs, but there is no one-size-fits-all model for getting there. Despite a common mission of patient prioritization and preventive care, each organization begins its journey from a unique starting point, with varying timelines, cultures, budgets, and appetites for change. Adopting a value-based model requires a huge shift in mindset across all aspects of provider organizations along with major investments of time and resources.

(From The road to value-based care: Your mileage may vary: A report from the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions)

Constance helps healthcare and rehabilitation administrators who put patients first through value-based systems to streamline their staff’s time and organization’s budget to make informed decisions for improving post-discharge patient care.

In recent years, the delivery of medical care in the US has been changing, as providers rapidly shift to a payment model linked to quality and value, leaving behind reimbursement models based on fee-for-service. This move to a value-based system can be difficult to implement because success is often hard to quantify and each provider organization is unique, beginning their transition from a different starting point in terms of priorities, capabilities, constraints, and cultures. Success requires teams making decisions across functions and at every level of care to understand how their decisions contribute to achieving the mission of value-based care.

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