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Caring, Connection, and Certainty.

Constance is a subscription check-in and reporting service for families of seniors who live independently.

Constance calls your loved one every day and uses a mobile app to update you on their mood, meals, medications, appointments, and more. We get to know your loved one so we can provide you with the peace of mind that you have an accurate understanding of their day-to-day status and well-being. As we identify needs, we can assist with things like coordinating rides, scheduling appointments, or handling any other administrative tasks that come up.

Why Families Love Constance

 We understand the demands of supporting a loved one while balancing all your other obligations, like raising a family or managing a work schedule. With Constance, you can have peace of mind knowing someone you can trust is connecting with your senior every day. Our clear and consistent Check-In reports give you insight into your loved one's day and overall well-being, so you know when and how you need to get involved. And, we are standing by to lighten your load by taking tasks like scheduling appointments, arranging transportation, and planning meals off your hands. 

Keeping You Informed

The Constance Check-In reports provide a comprehensive and holistic view of your loved one’s well-being. Our daily updates include information such as overall mood, adherence to medications, food habits, and other observations. With detailed information, including trends over time, you are able to make better care decisions because you have a clear picture of what’s going on. You'll look forward to the report each day! 

“My sister and I look forward to getting the reports every day. The daily updates have really connected us as we navigate her care from a distance.” - Suzette Mullen, family member

Seniors Love It, Too!

Social connection is one of the most powerful factors in maintaining a high quality of life, but many seniors suffer from low engagement. Our daily Check-In calls are so stimulating, seniors not only stay engaged, but many have told us they look forward to our call and love getting to know our Constance Family Coordinators. Our daily call also gives them access to help if they need it, empowering them to continue living independently.